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Продуктовая линия: MyMix

Minimal n. sheets:

Select the sheet to adjust the percentages of color mix


2) Select your color:

1) Tile Sizes

1,25 cm

2,5 cm

Selected tile size: 2,5 cm
Sheet composed of 12x12 tiles for each side, 30 cm total

3) Selected colors

To change the sequence of colors desired click on the choosen tessera and drag it up to the new location.

To change the percentages of each color, select sheet from the minimal on the left and take action on percentages, thus blocking the selection through the lock symbol placed next. Intervening so on all colors except the last one which will be updated automatically. Click the symbol of the X to remove a color.

4) Grout colors

Save Mix

Save the texture of the composition created and the data sheet in pdf

Save Mix Create new composition